Business Cards Are Cards Bearing Business Information About A Company Or Individual. They Are Shared During Formal Introductions As A Convenience And A Memory Aid. A Business Card Typically Includes The Giver's Name, Company Or Business Affiliation Usually With A Logo And Contact Information Such As Street Addresses, Telephone Number(s), Fax Number, E-mail Addresses And Website.

An Attorney's Business Card, 1895

Now They May Include Social Media Addresses Such As Facebook, LinkedIn And Twitter. Traditionally, Many Cards Were Simple Black Text On White Stock, And The Distinctive Look And Feel Of Cards Printed From An Engraved Plate Was A Desirable Sign Of Professionalism.

In The Late 20th Century, Technological Advances Drove Changes In Style, And Today A Professional Business Card Will Often Include One Or More Aspects Of Striking Visual Design.

At Stop Design Print, We Offer Business Cards, With Highest Standards For Business Cards. Size 3.5"x 2". 

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Some Terminology In Reference To Full-color Printing:

  • 4/0 - Full Color Front / No Print On Back
  • 4/1 - Full Color Front / One Color On Reverse
  • 4/4 - Full Color Front / Full Color Back

MMM, So You Have Your Design! Simply Send Us Your Design, And We Will Send You An Amazing Personalized Printed Business Cards.  


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